we are still shocked…

we are still shocked…

We’re gonna have a baby this February!

After the many years we spent hoping, trying, praying for a sibling for Robby we have just been spending the last 16 months being so grateful for the jackpot we got in little Sarah that having another baby wasn’t even on our radar…. well, we were asked all the time if we’d do IVF again and we had talked about possibly using our last little frozen egg from Sarah’s cycle NEXT summer if we could – honestly though after using our best 2 eggs in that cycle and getting only one baby the idea of using a third tier egg wasn’t very promising so I was pretty resigned to the fact that we would only have 2 kids and that was ok.

Sooooo….. what a surprising memorial day surprise we got! That’s the first time I’ve ever taken a pregnancy test and it was positive right away! Ha! And it’s amazing how much faster the weeks of a pregnancy go by when you didn’t even have time to think about getting pregnant! And when you’re chasing after a crazy little toddler like Sarah! Holy cow, that girl keeps me busy! She’s been on the go ever since she was born and now I’m wondering if it’s cause she knew she was meant to be a big sister early on! Well, early on to ME. After only having a 5year gap in kids a 23 month one will seem pretty short even though that’s longer than any of me and my 6 siblings gaps!

Robby is stoked – he had been talking about wanting to start praying for another baby for a while now but every time he brought it up I just reminded him we are still just grateful we got Sarah and weren’t sure if any more babies would come. He didn’t seem as surprised and he’s rooting for a brother but the idea of Robby and “the little girls” seems pretty cute to me! Also, after holding on to his boy clothes for 5 years and then having a girl I figured what was the point and got rid of pretty much everything! Soooo, a girl would be super convenient!

To answer the usual questions, I’m 13 weeks now, I’m feeling fine, yes, we’re planning on another home birth, and no, we’re not sure if we’re gonna find out the gender this time. Having one of each makes me consider not finding out, I’ve always thought it would be fun but that I wouldn’t be able to do it but since I didn’t even have time to think about getting pregnant than I might actually be able to wait til the end of the pregnancy to find out! I guess we’ll see how I feel at 20 weeks!

We are so excited and beyond grateful – especially when I got to hear the little heartbeat! Can’t believe it’s really real! Everyone was so sweet and supportive on our journey to get Sarah and the reactions of family and friends we’ve told so far has been so kind and excited for us – this is such fun news to share!

Now we’re off to Maryland til after Labor Day! Wish me luck as I try to finish packing for a month…


Oh wait, do I still have a blog??

Oh wait, do I still have a blog??

Apparently I do! Ha! Last post appears to be in NOVEMBER! Oh well, if I get thinking about everything I miss and try to catch up that will just mean I will NEVER post because that’s too daunting of a task so I’ll just try to jump back into it….

Spring time is here (well, some days feel like spring and then it feels like winter again) and life is good. Sarah is huge and so darling and Robby is looking so grown up! Spring soccer has been really fun for the whole family even if the weather most of the time is freezing!! Since we homeschool I was really excited for Robby to be in soccer to have something to keep him busy and get us more out of the house after the long cold winter. It’s a great opportunity for him to get to know some other kids and also fun for him to have a coach or someone in charge besides MOM.

Robby looks forwards to his twice a week practices and the games once or twice a week like it’s the best thing ever! He isn’t even that into soccer the sport exactly he just loves being on a team! It does help that he is super naturally talented like his dad when it comes to sports so while he still prefers to play football with dad every day he rocks it out there on the soccer field, usually scoring tons of goals for his team!

Sarah likes to watch but mostly wants to just join the action on the soccer field! It’s hard keeping her off of the field!

Rob has been asked to help coach for lots of the games since they split the team into two so the kids have more playing time and we only have one coach. Despite his reluctance to help as coach I think he does a great job! Once he kind of learned most of the kids names that helps too! 😉

And while it is kind of crazy to me that I am a “soccer mom” I love to be there and cheer for Robby and his team and usually lose my voice every week from all the yelling I’m doing. For once Rob is embarrassed of me! Ha!

Now that soccer is done Robby is a little bored but not for long – he starts Coach Pitch at the end of this month!



Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m SO thankful for my family! I love, love, love these two adorable kids and my handsome husband.

After the years of praying for a baby and going through everything we did it still feels like such an amazing miracle to finally have Baby Sarah as part of our family! I’m so grateful for her and her deep hearty laugh and beautiful smile!

I’m so grateful Robby has a sibling and little sister who adores him.

I’m grateful that Sarah already loves her daddy so much and she has him wrapped around her chubby little finger. She has added so much to our family and we’ve grown so much closer both in waiting for her and having her here!

I’m grateful for Trafficado and that Rob and Andrew have been able to work together! I’m so glad Rob has a job that he enjoys and works with great people. Rob is such a hard worker and takes such good care of our family!

It’s been so awesome having my sister Taba live here in Utah these last 4 1/2 years and we are going to miss them so much when they move! I’ll always treasure these years we’ve lived close by.

I’m grateful for great friends who make life fun and are always there when I need them. I feel so blessed to have wonderful friends who I know love me for who I am! Which is sometimes a crazy person…

I’m grateful for the gospel – for the solid foundation it gives me and my family.

Grateful for the amazing food we ate today!

Life is good.

No seriously, stop it, Sarah!

No seriously, stop it, Sarah!

She is just growing WAY too fast! My sweet little girl just got her first two teeth this week and now she’s trying to pull herself up onto everything! She looks like she’s just going to stand herself and walk away.

Freeze, please!

Freeze, please!

I just wish we could freeze time right now – Sarah is at the cutest stage right now! She’s rolling and sitting herself up and even crawling! I was excited for her to turn 4 months, 5 months, even 6 months! But 7 months?? No thank you! This means she’s closer to 1 than to being a baby! It’s October and soon it’ll be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas – before I know it March will be here! Just thinking of her growing up so fast gives me a big lump in my throat!

She’s got the cutest laugh! She’s so soft and squeezy and yummy! She’s got all of us wrapped around her little chubby fingers!

She loves peek-a-boo, itsy bitsy spider… she loves anything Robby does – even when he jumps out and scares her! She does NOT like to be left alone – she’ll play for a few minutes by herself but is much happier when we’re near by.

Like I said on instagram the other day – every morning Robby and Sarah reunite like best friends who haven’t seen each other in years! It’s so sweet! They LOVE each other!

She’s been trying out her voice and making lots of “ma ma” sounds! Sooo cute! It’s so sweet to see her see me and reach out and crawl over to me. She’s so wiggly and rolly it’s hard to change her diaper or get her dressed!

At her 6 month dr apt she was making it hard for Dr. Savage to examine her but as Dr. Savage said, “we like the fiesty ones!” She weighed 16.1 lbs so she’s slipped down to the 45th percentile which is a normal for breast fed babies to kind of lean out at this point (she was like 90th percentile). She’s 70th for height…

We just love this little girl sooo much!!!

Daddy’s crazy

Daddy’s crazy

Tonight Robby and I were talking about how someone we knew had been married a couple of times – led to this conversation:

Robby: “Have you been married a couple of times before, mom?”

Me, trying not to laugh, “No honey, I’ve just been married to daddy. And I love daddy and want to be married to daddy forever!”

Robby: “Even though daddy’s crazy??”

Ok, couldn’t hold back – burst out laughing!!! Oooohhh man! Yes, Rob can be crazy but I do love him. And I sure love these cute kids we have.