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Having a fourth

I remember when we were having our 16 week gender check ultrasound (yes, we paid $50 to find out 4 weeks earlier if we were having a boy or a girl) and upon discovering we were expecting a son my first thought after the inital excitement was, “oh great, now we have to figure out whether or not to have a fourth.”

So Robby is a third. As in, he has the same name as his dad and grandpa. Robert Ernest Parsons. In order to be a junior or a third, or a fourth for that matter, each person in the line has to have the exact same name. If grandpa was Robert Ernest and dad was Robert John he would not be a junior. In order to have Robert Ernest Parsons IV we had to keep the name exactly the same. I discovered lots of people didn’t understand how this whole junior/third/fourth thing worked…

The hard thing about making this choice is what would we call the baby? If the middle name were normal we’d gladly have him go by that but Ernest? I don’t think so… or Ernie? Kind of funny that we have the option of “Bert” with the first name and “Ernie” with the middle…. we don’t love the variation of Bobby or Bob… and calling a baby Robert or Rob when his dad is Robby seems silly…. so to avoid being silly we just call dad and son Robby. Really awesome. Trust me we’ve heard probably every variation of Robert and Ernest and THEN SOME and we have thought about all of them… We’re trying to have Robby the dad graduate to “Rob” but it’s taking some time to adjust.

I decided to let Robby make the decision as to whether or not he wanted to do a fourth – it wasn’t my favorite idea but it is his family’s tradition and if he felt strongly about it I wanted him to be able to pass down his name. Actually, I rock-paper-scissored my naming rights away in a moment of pregnancy insanity…. but really I was going to let him decide anyway! 😉 Well anyway it wasn’t until we were leaving for the hospital to have the baby that Robby – I mean Rob – told me he really wanted to have the baby be Robby IV.

Here’s a shot of all 4 generations of Robert Ernests. I’m glad my son has such a wonderful line of men to look up to!

Got Family?

Ahh…. I often find myself reflecting on things and thinking, “I love our life.” Amy, my newly engaged sister in law, started a little discussion about married life on our family website and she remarked that lots of people have been warning her about how marriage is so difficult… while it does require hard work, I am loving our little family life!

I love how when my husband watches our baby so I can sleep in this is what I come out to find…

I love being a stay at home mom and trying to learn how to cook… look at my awesome, amazing, domestic skills with this pizza…. oh yeah…

I love the boring things we do together like watch movies at home practically every night, running errands (today it was Target and Best Buy), or going on walks in the evening because that’s the only way to keep baby Robby happy before bedtime…

I do love my little family and I love our life.

Halloween, here we come!

I just bought Robby IV’s Halloween costume on ebay! Well, Robby the dad picked it out actually… it’s the cutest thing I could find – especially when I tried to picture him in the costumes… I was actually in the process of buying it on another website when by the time I got to the third step of the checkout it had already been purchased!

I’m excited to take him to all sorts of Halloween activities… we’re going to need to get some good use out of this outfit! We’ll have to hit up all the trunk or treats in Provo!

Now I just have to figure out what Rob and I will be to go with our cute, cuddly, little lion! Suggestions?

Thank goodness for the mall…

Yesterday and today Robby has been especially fussy… and hungry! (Baby Robby that is! ;D) It seems like he wants to eat non-stop and his awake time has been a little difficult. I’m hoping this is a growth spurt… one that only lasts a couple days. It’s tough to know what exactly is bothering him when he is probably going to be teething soon. The drool has definitely been around for months now… he didn’t seem to love his refrigerated teether toy and I can’t feel any teeth but who knows!? Not me!

My friend Kyrsten asked if we’d started any solids yet and we haven’t… maybe that will help fill him up a bit more! He will turn 6 months on October 2nd (Par-tay!) and we’ll start probably next week with some rice cereal. I did get him a sippy cup and he guzzled about an ounce of water but then spit it all back up a few minutes later! Awesome!

I’m sure we’ll have lots more adventures coming up with teething and solids… and teething while nursing… yikes! In the mean time, I’ll try to pass some of this fussy time by strolling along the mall…. great distraction for him and enjoyable for mom!

P.S. The picture above was taken shortly after I let him suck on a Twizzler… and then took it away. I had to pry it away from him and he was not happy about that! The picture below is what my normally happy boy normally looks like…

He has never done this before…

Saturday I went to lunch with Lindsay and Liv and as usual we spent about 2 1/2 hours at Costa Azul – eating but mostly just talking. Robby was getting really fussy and tired but I was thinking I’d be leaving soon and maybe he’d fall asleep in the car or even make it home to sleep in his crib. I set him on my knee and bounced him and he calmed down… and then calmed down even more… and then just went limp in my arms. I looked down in shock, “Is he asleep??” Yup. Sure enough he had just closed his sweet little eyes and fallen asleep. I can’t remember him ever just falling asleep in such an awkward/unsupported position. For the first 3 months he needed to be swaddled, shushed, jiggled, rocked… then he liked to sleep only on his tummy… now that he’s rolling around he seems to favor his side… and of course would occasionally fall asleep in his car seat or stroller… but never just sitting up like this. I thought it was pretty cute.

The Dreaded Grove

Every one should come out to the Dreaded Grove–the newest haunted forest. I’m working there and we’re going to make it the best haunt in Utah. Once everything gets up and running it’s going to be sweet.