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Joseph Velasco Pincock

Grandchild #10…. my older brother Joel’s first baby…. Joel’s wife Kristine is Filipino and Joel is already more dark than the rest of us siblings so this little baby is just darling!

Here’s Becca’s description of how things went last Friday (she is my sister-in-law and was their doula):

“Yesterday they decided to get induced, and started with a gel late last night. She had cramps throughout the night. This a.m. around 9 am Kristine was 1 cm, they broke her water & started pitocin. An hour later she was 4 cm! So they turned off the pitocin since she was moving right along on her own. She decided to get an epidural then, but when they came to do it, she changed her mind. An hour and a half after that, Kristine was completely dilated! It was amazing. She pushed for a little less than half an hour. Baby Joe was ready to come! He was born at 11:55 am. Kristine handled everything so well, and Joel was a perfect support. I feel so, so lucky I got to be there. Welcome to the world Baby Joe!!”

It sounds like everything is still going well and they are happily back at home. Joel started a new job today so I’m sure they’ll be busy!

I can’t wait to meet baby Joe at Christmas time!

Why we left Joe Vera’s….

Is that what it was called, girls?

So tonight for the first time in my, what, 6 years of living in Provo, I walked down Center Street just looking at each of the shops. There are so many different places to eat – who knew? Rice King may not be the only gem on the strip! I probably won’t find out though to be honest… tonight’s experience only reinforces to me why I stick to tried and true eating establishments…

This girl in the new Gelatto shop next to Los Hermanos (which ps the Gelatto was good but the prices were pretty steep so go in for your free sample and see for yourself if it’s worth it) recommended this Mexican place on Center Street called Joe Vera’s (at least I think that’s what it was) so we headed in that direction trying to decide between that and Rice King and when we saw that it looked pretty normal we popped in to try it.

First of all we waited for at least 10 minutes for them to “get our table ready” while they seated numerous other parties before us. What is really so difficult about adding 2 highchairs and a booster seat? And right as we were walking to our finally prepared table the waitress swipes the chips and salsa platter off of it right before our eyes. Um, that was what we were there for! She hands them to a party who came in after us and got seated at the same time we did. Ok…. maybe you have to order them? No, I checked with the couple at the table next to us…. they were complimentary.

We waited another 10 minutes for a server, waiter, bus boy…. anyone! No one talked to us. Our only thought was maybe it was because we had 3 small children with us so we look like we could be ignored?

Well I tell you what – nobody ignored us when we stood up and walked right out of there! Sure the waiter was just on his way over at that time but it was a day late and a dollar short. We did have plenty of time to peruse the menu and found it it to be a tad on the pricey side for who knows what reason…. we’ll never know I guess!

So we ordered take out from our usual favorite, Costa Vida, and ate at my house where hopefully Liv and Linds will say the service was a tad bit better. At least we don’t discriminate against those with small children…. ;D

Fall Family Pictures

Ok so the Target photo shoot didn’t produce the perfect family picture so we tried again today! We went up into the Provo Canyon to Sundance with the Carters and took turns taking each other’s pictures. It was a beautiful sunny day – not always the best light for pictures but a great day to be up in the mountains.

I don’t think that baby Robby smiled for real in any of the pictures… yeah, pretty sure…. I don’t know why – he smiles so cute in our photo shoots at home! Oh well, at least he was looking at the camera most of the time.

Some of them had this weird blasted out white lighting thing going on and I was able to take the one above and use Picasa to turn it into something I now love! And then here are just a couple extra ones!

Farnsworth Farms & Cider Mill

We had fun going to Farnsworth Farms to pick apples and pumpkins with Liv, Taba, and the kiddos today. This place didn’t have a ton going on, the orchards were pretty picked over, but it was a beautiful afternoon and their apple cider was delicious! I think we all went home with a gallon for ourselves…

(check out the darling hat Taba knitted for Robby – so cute!)

Now I need to find something wonderful to make with all these apples….

Witches Night Out

Last Saturday us girls went to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village. It happened to be raining and hailing that night which was not so awesome but we braved the weather and had a ball! It was especially nice for me to have a night out sans the little one – thanks, Robby the dad!

Dancing and drinking hot chocolate…. my favorite parts are always getting ready and then going out to Chili’s afterwards for chips and salsa…. yum!

I love my girls! Woot!

Job Search

It’s been a crazy month trying to figure out what I’ll be doing after college. It’ hard to believe that it’s really going to be over. I’ve interviewed with several companies and I’m just starting to hear back from them. The next month or two should be even more interesting than the last month. I’ll be flying down to New Mexico probably next week to meet with some people at a company called Rinchem. The company has about 350 employees so it’s not huge, but definitely not tiny. I’ll post some more later as I get more information!!