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Wedding Pictures – Round 2!

She looks so beautiful!

Beautiful couple, huh?

Hmm… which one is the sister-in-law?

My in-between sealing & reception look – awesome, huh?

Amy and her girls!

4 Generations of Roberts!

Here we have all four Robert Ernests! Pretty impressive, huh? I’m glad baby Robby has such great men to look up to…

Nutella face…

Um, is he not so cute?

His first taste of nutella! This has been a Pincock family favorite for a long time! :) Thanks mom and dad for our very own jar in our stocking this year!


Today I got together with an old friend, Kristen. We were best friends in Primary School and for years after even though she switched schools! We would get together every so often and had a tradition of calling each other on our birthdays each year!

I remember one time when we were in high school and hadn’t seen each other for probably a year or so my mom and I just happened to be driving through NIH (trying to avoid traffic or something) and we passed this girl on the sidewalk and I barely saw her out of the corner of my eye and I yelled out, “stop, mom! I think that’s KRISTEN!” And it was! (Did your mom work at NIH or something?) She was already running towards the car when we stopped…. ah, that was fun……….. maybe you had to be there…..

It was great getting together with her today and catching up – we had kind of had a lapse in communication for the last…. five years?? But Kristen, I’m publicly announcing I expect a call from you on my birthday next year, you know when it is! ;D

Merry Christmas!!!

We just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas today!

We had an awesome day yesterday and today celebrating with our families! Hope you all did too!

Congratulations Amy & Nathan…. again!

Last time it was happy engagement…. now they are married!

It was such a beautiful wedding! Here’s a bunch of pictures:

(Um, do you see Robby’s cute little shoes?!)

Family snapshot with my camera – hopefully the photographer’s pic came out better!
I didn’t get a super good shot of the bride and groom but maybe we’ll get some more later! They are enjoying themselves in Mexico right now! Hope you two are having a blast!!