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Happy Birthday Honey!!

It’s Esther’s 25th Birthday today. For her birthday she got her hair done. I’m sure she’ll want to post about it so I’ll just post one picture and I’ll let her tell you about it. I love you and hope you have a great day. Happy Birthday.

Poll Results January 30, 2008

Results: Who do you Want to Win the Presidential Election:
Mitt Romney: 15
Mike Huckabee: 1
Ron Paul: 1
Rudy Giuliani: 1
Hillary Clinton: 1
Barack Obama: 6

I need help with questions–come on–I know there’s something you want me to ask :)

Bath time baby!

I just can’t get enough of how cute bath time is! Ahhh! It’s so much more fun now that he can crawl because he’s going crazy flipping around onto his tummy, scooching his bum back and forth all around the tub…. He is hilarious! Then he figured out he could DRINK the water…. yikes… it’s hard to actually BATHE him now though because he’s too busy playing!


Last week we went bowling at the Wilk at BYU with Rob’s brothers and his friend, Will. This was our first time taking Quattro bowling! He and I made of up the cheer squad most of the time but we bowled a little bit.

Here’s a clip of the “assisted bowl”:

President Hinckley has passed away

We were sad to hear that the prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Gordon B. Hinckley has passed away tonight. He was 97 years old and was the oldest prophet to preside in church history. He was the Prophet of the church since March 1995. He passed away from causes related to age. While we are sad to have him leave us, we’re glad that he can be re-united with his wife Marjorie Pay Hinckley. President Monson will be the next President and Prophet of the church.

Time for a change…

Ok so let’s examine a few of the hairstyles I’ve had in the last 3 years….

K, mostly long, mostly brown…. twice I’ve chopped it real short which is always fun for a little while and then I wish it were long again…. sometimes my hair looks good curly, sometimes it doesn’t… in high school my hair often had tons of blonde highlights – Rob liked it like that so we might try that again sometime. For the past couple years I just keep putting a dark brown color all over – it’s really close to my natural color but just makes it a little more shiny and brilliant. But I think it’s time for a change… I need a new “do.”

I’ve been looking online trying to see if anything popped out at me. Here are a bunch of hairdos I saved in a folder to think about.

What do you think? I want something layer-y…. I liked when my hair had lots of layers in the back but sometimes it felt like there was no length so I still want it it feel as long as possible. Some of these are shorter dos but I like the layers. I like how the lowlights in Cameron Diaz’s hair are thicker. I think I’d want chunky highlights – a few different colors…. Um, and everyone has bangs. What do you feel about bangs? Rob is not a fan.

Alright team, I could use your suggestions! My plan is to get my hair done this week – it’s my birthday present! Yup, turning the big 2-5 this week! :) I’ll keep you posted….