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I NEED my Thin Mints!!!!

Last year I know they were outside of Wal-Mart sometime in March – I was 9 months pregnant and we bought about 10 boxes! It was awesome.

Check here to find cookies near you! Here’s the listings for Orem – looks like mid-March is when we’re gonna get lucky! Can’t wait!

Need some parenting tips?

Well this website that my brother Andrew shared with us was just really helpful! I only picked a few of my favorite “instructions” to post but you can see the rest here.

Poll Results February 27, 2008

Question: Approximately how much time do you spend on facebook in a day? It’s anonymous so don’t lie :)

I don’t facebook: 11
Less than 30 min: 19
30-60 min: 4
1-2 Hours: 1
2+ Hours: 0

This was our best poll turnout so far with 35 people responding!!

Jon & Kate again…

Our episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 finally aired! For those of you who read that really lengthy post I wrote about our encounter with the Gosselin Family you’ll know what I’m talking about! It was so exciting to meet them and Rob & Robby actually made it on the episode! Here’s a picture of the shot with them in it and then I actually videotaped our tv so here’s the clip of that! Do you see them? Rob’s in the blue shirt – right above the last little Gosselin girl’s head! This was when we were stuck in Boise!

It aired on TLC last night but I’m sure it’ll repeat both on TLC and Discovery Health! The episode is about their ski trip to Park City – the plane ride episode… it was a 2 parter. :) I know this is totally small and silly but it’s exciting to us!
hey sorry if the video’s not working – i don’t know what the problem is…. i’ll try to fix it….

Letting go…

Just starting last week Robby has been letting go of things and standing on his own for a few seconds at a time. The other morning after I nursed him I put him back in his crib to play for a bit while I tried to read my scriptures (this is our morning routine)… after a few minutes he was standing up holding on to the edge and it was like he called out to me and when I looked up he smiled, kind of took a step back from the bars, and then let go… smiling at me and laughing when he lost his balance and had to reach back out for the bars. I was shocked! We clapped and laughed! I knocked on the wall to wake up Rob and so he came in and we watched him do it several more times. I got some of it on video even. It was just so cute how he got my attention and then was so proud of himself and happy about it….

Not that walking isn’t going to be awesome but crawling is still cool and leads to brain development – the longer babies crawl, the better really! Sometimes I feel like he’s just growing up so fast! Each new stage is exciting but does time really have to go by so quickly?

Two Front Teeth

Robby’s top two teeth have been working their way in for a few days now! As you can see here one is all the way through and the other was not far behind in this picture and as of this morning I’m able to feel a little bit of it so it’s also popped! We had one horrible night of sleep – happened to be in our motel room in Mesquite, ew – but other than that he’s been such a sweetie during this teething time….