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mini lovefest…

Today was a good day. It’s not over yet but it’s gone really well so far and I’m just feeling grateful so I’m going to share my thoughts with you all….

Robby didn’t wake up too early so that was a nice start. I was able to pick up the house a ton while he followed me around or played by himself which was good – it’s hard to find the motivation to clean some mornings and sometimes even when I want to Robby makes it difficult to do so! But today I did all the dishes, organized his toys, did laundry, and even vacuumed! Most of this before he even went down for a nap so that while he was down I could shower and take a break. Pat on my back, thank you very much.

This afternoon we picked Rob up from school and went straight to pick up the Jetta – oh, the Jetta…. the Jetta is a long story… it all started with a striped oil pan. That lead to a fallen out oil plug. Enter: oil light – the bain of my existence. That lead to an empty oil pan (this happened while driving to work, in the course of minutes, not days or anything), which lead to a ruined engine. So we had the engine replaced and the oil light kept coming back on…. we took it to be fixed last week and were hoping that the warranty on the engine work would cover whatever the problem was which apparently it did, thank goodness! Happy day! Anyway, a YEAR later it seems to be in working order. I tell you, if I ever see that *&$%^* oil light come on again in that car! Oh boy!

Jetta, here are some happier memories of you! Like when my mom and dad surprised me at my graduation with the key to you, and then you were in the parking lot of the Marriott Center! And when we drove down to Scottsdale together…. you are a beauty! :)

After dropping Rob back off at school Robby and I met Liv & Cindy for lunch at Bajio’s! I have been CRAVING their chicken chimichanga!!!! So delicious! And for some really weird reason I had been dreaming of going to the Bajio’s by Provo Town Center. No idea why. I’ve never been there. It’s not different from the one at Riverwoods or anything else…. anyway, we went today and it was truly a dream come true.

So now I’m home, Robby is down for nap #2, house is clean, tummy is full….. lovin’ life!

First day on the job!!

Today was my first day of work at APX Alarm. I started training and getting introduced to people I’m going to work with (many of which I already knew from working there before). I’m excited to be able to get out and work–but still have to finish school!! Can’t forget about that quite yet (although I kinda want to). I’ll be training/working part time until I’m done with school and then jumping in full speed right when school is done. All in all it was a good day–I feel like I have a little information overload but luckily I have a long time to be trained. APX here I come . . . again!!

Robby’s wishlist #2!

Only 9 days to Robby’s birthday!

Per request, we’ve got a few items to add to the wishlist! To be honest it’s really fun thinking of things so there might even be another addition later….

this Baby Einstein “My First Signs” DVD
-a toy where he can make parts move, bang with a hammer… this kind of thing
-bibs with snaps, or that are hard to get off
-12-18 size jeans, shorts, or t-shirts
-puppets, any kind, these animal ones are cute
-plastic animals like these from Target

Anything that will keep the little guy busy and not trying to bang a hole in the window would be awesome!

Poll Results March 24, 2008

What is your favorite holiday?

New Years Eve: 0
New Years Day: 0
Presidents Day: 0
Memorial Day: 0
St. Patrick’s Day: 0
Labor Day: 0
Halloween: 2
Thanksgiving: 2
Christmas: 13
Hanukkah: 0
Your Birthday: 1
April Fools: 0
Some other holiday I missed: 1

So most of you will have to wait for another few months before we get to the holiday full October, November and December time period. I missed the 4th of July–that’s not too far off and a great holiday. Was there any other favorite holiday I missed?

Utah it is!

Guess what? We’re staying in Utah! I am so excited! After reviewing our options, Rob decided to take a job at Apx as their Warehouse Manager. He seems excited about the job and I’m thrilled to not have to leave my family and friends. We’re still planning on moving out of our current apartment but just a little bit north. It’s been fun looking at housing and furniture and I’m sure baby Robby will appreciate our next place being much better child-proofed!

Rob has just a few weeks left of school… While it’ll be great to have a good job and be making some money I will miss all the free time he’s able to spend with me and Robby. This has been such a fun time in our life – it’ll be an interesting next stage we’re coming up on!

Happy Birthday Sydney!!!

Dear Sydney,
I’ve loved you since you were in your mommy’s tummy! The very first petite LBG… you were the start of this exciting new stage in our lives.

You are so full of life and personality! I love your smiles and hugs! You getting to be such a big girl – even learning how to use the potty!

But don’t grow up too fast, ok? And if the whole “betrothal thing” with baby Robby doesn’t work out then you need to at least still be best friends!

Love you forever,

Auntie Esther