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Moving Sucks

That’s it. I just wanted everyone to know that I HATE moving :( And I’m not even doing hardly any of the work. My wonderful wife is doing most everything. But I still HATE it.

Poll Results April 27, 2008

Question: What is your favorite season of the year?

Summer: 7
Fall: 7
Winter: 1
Spring: 7

So it seems that the seasons are pretty much loved by everyone–except for winter :) Of course I wonder if these results would be the same at the end of the summer.


Here he is! My college graduate! Congratulations, Rob!

The Marriott Center was completely packed on Thursday… what a sight!

We put this cute BYU jersey on Robby to show his support for his daddy! I thought it would’ve been cute for Rob to carry him across the stage but not so cute for him to have to deal with him during the rest of the 2 1/2 hour ceremony! Oh well!

Rob’s parents and brothers flew out – Daniel’s not in this pic cause he left Friday am – and then there’s Rob’s sister, Amy and her husband, Nathan. Everyone is very proud of Rob’s accomplishment!

Two BYU grads! Hooray for no more school!!!


Since a post w/o a picture is just not as neat here’s a cute picture of my handsome boys to go with this random post.

About my picture tag – the hobby one – Maran said, “What is a fly girl? It reminds me of cheerleading.” While I wish it was a “Fly girl” like from In Living Color – oh I loved watching them dance and trying to imitate them! – ha ha, no, is a website about how to get your house/life organized! I like the website and all the tips it gives! Organizing stuff is a hobby of mine.

About us moving Tiffany asked where our new place will be. It’s a condo in North Orem that we’ll be renting! It”s brand new and we’re excited to get away from campus. I’m most excited about the kiddie pool it will have! Gotta have something to do while Rob’s at work all hours of the day this summer.

Car update – so we sold the Jetta, and now we are down to the Highlander, which is great, and the Blazer, which has been parked on the street, dead, since the end of January. We had the Blazer towed finally today to a car place just up the street and we’re waiting for a call to see what the damage is, why it won’t start, and how much it would be to fix it. Depending on that Rob just might drive that for a while or we’ll sell it and figure something out.

KATD, Robby might be getting closer to walking but Lily’s got words! That’s so cute that she says “hi” – Robby says da da, just starting to say ma ma, and makes a big lion roar for every animal noise…. I’m excited for when he starts to talk, I want to hear his little voice!

About the stupid spam comments, you probably noticed we added the feature where we have to review the comments before they are published… I don’t love that so much, I’m thinking of changing it to the word verification thing so at least the comments are posted instantly… I don’t know.

Anything I missed?

I like you guys. I’m grateful for blogs – it’s so fun to be able to keep up with all ya’ll in such an interesting way!!

Picture tag…

Maran tagged me with this fun pictures only tag…. you describe your favorites only using pictures. No words! This will be interesting for me since I am always pretty wordy…




Vacation Spot:

Worst habit:




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Final finals…

Here’s Rob on his very last day of school! Most likely EVER. At this point getting an MBA is not on his to-do list. He feels like he can accomplish what he wants in the business world without one so unless his goals change he won’t be getting any further formal education…

He took one final Friday night and he has two to go! Then graduation Thursday and Friday.

It’s been a tough weekend since we need to be packing, Rob needs to be studying, and we both were asked to speak in church tomorrow. Yikes! I can’t think of anything that makes my stomach turn more than public speaking. Ahhh….

Friday Robby and I played around on campus while Rob took his test…. he desperately wanted to get in the fountain! I can’t wait till we can take him swimming again, he will be so happy! He’s getting better and better at walking – here’s a clip of him pushing around the stroller all by himself!