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Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day! We are helping move Liv’s mom out of her place up in Sandy to a new apt in Orem. Then after that we are moving ourselves to our new place!

If you are around and have any free time tomorrow and can help us out let me know! Call me or leave a comment or email me! Here’s kind of the outline of where we’ll be and around what times but of course depending on how things go who knows exactly what times it’ll be…

9:30 – meet in Sandy at Liv’s mom’s place & load truck
12:00 – unload truck at new place in Orem (it’s on Orem Blvd, near Target)
3:00 – meet at our old Provo apartment, just south of BYU
6:00 – unload truck at new place in Orem, it’s on 800 North on the West side near I-15

Anyone who’s able to help out for even a few minutes that’d be awesome just get in touch with me somehow!


I am sooooooooooooo excited to get into our place! A few days ago they told me it would be pushed back a few days from Saturday but I just heard from them and it’s back on for tomorrow! Yippee!

I’m off to call the 10th different truck rental place since nothing is available for tomorrow…. yikes….

We bought a couch!

Yesterday was a rainy day but we still had an awesome time here with Kristin’s family eating hamburgers and all kinds of bbq-ish foods! Happy Memorial Day to you all!

(Amy, Nathan, & Rob… Liv & her lil’ Rob…. that’s cousin Kristin in the white shirt…. and Kristin’s kids, Sarah & sleepy Noah…)

At about 5 pm when all the partying was over and we still had a few hours before bedtime (Robby’s) we decided to go out shopping!

For those who know us well know we have a tendency to make big purchases or big decisions in kind of funny spur of the moment ways…. we’d been to RC Willey before and were really interested in an inexpensive microfiber sectional…. so how did we walk out of there having purchased one twice as expensive that we weren’t even considering? Here it is, except ours will be a darker tan color…. but the same thing…

This one is bigger and nicer than the one we originally considered. We actually couldn’t get the other because the layout of the sectional couldn’t be changed and it wouldn’t fit well with our floor plan. We figure it’ll last us a long time and we both really like it!

Now if we could just move into our new place so we can get it all set up…. ahhh…..


Last week was not so great for Robby and I. Poor Robby had/has an ear infection, a fever, horrible diaper rash, sleepless nights, crappy naps, hand foot mouth disease (random horrible weird virus which causes him to have blisters in all those places, it’s awful!) and then another weird red rash of little bumps all up and down his arms and legs. My doctor seemed to think that most of these things are unrelated but seriously, how can one little small boy be so sick??? And you know what that makes, one unhappy mommy! I’ve also had a sore throat and cold which combined with sleepless nights isn’t getting better anytime soon.

So we’ve been having a little bit of a rough time but last night Robby slept all the way through the night!!! No hours of being awake and crying! I am so grateful for that! I love that he is normally such an awesome sleeper and I guess I just have a newfound sense of appreciation for that.

I thought about posting a picture of his feet so you could see how crazy this virus is but that’s probably gross. I feel so bad – it looks really painful!

A happier note – I can’t believe we will move into our new place in less than a week! I can’t wait!

And since a post w/o pictures isn’t as fun here are some cute ones of Robby….

talking to daddy on the phone….

jumping on the tramp at Parsons’….

American Idol


If you haven’t seen the end of the season and you want to be surprised skip this post!!

So it came down to the two David’s. I was shocked that David Cook won the whole thing. The way the show pointed to David Archuleta I thought he had the victory. I was pretty disappointed when it went the other way. I would have liked a young kid from Utah who was genuinely excited and happy and humble to win the show. Not that I don’t think David Cook is talented–I do. In fact, I think he will sell way more records and put out more popular music. I like his style. But I don’t think American Idol is about who will be the best recording artist. I think it is about who can get a following–Taylor Hicks did it in season 5–he was never going to be a super popular artist. But he had a different kind of talent which included a way of getting people to like him–just like David Archuleta. David Cook is more like that Daughtry type–you don’t win but you go on to be quite successful. We’ll see what happens from here but I really thought David A was going to get the victory and David C was going to get the sales. I was dead wrong on the first part.

Poll Results May 20, 2008

Question: Which of these sports/activities have you done?

Sky Diving: 1
Cliff Jumping: 8
Rock Climbing (Outdoors): 10
Bungy Jumping: 5
Surfing: 6
Bridge Jumping: 7
Dirt Bike Jumping: 3
Scuba Diving: 4
Hang Gliding: 2
Hot Air Balloning: 3
Heli-Skiing/Boarding: 2
Sailing: 5
None of these: 5

So we have some pretty crazy people here!! I’m jealous of whoever went sky diving. I would love to go sometime. I love the feeling of just falling (not the hitting the ground part–just the falling part). It’s such a cool feeling. Any other fun things people are doing out there?

Homeless & havin’ fun!

In the past 2 weeks we have slept in several different locations…

1. our old apartment
2. Liv’s
3. Parsons’
4. Beach house
5. Pincock’s
6. cousin Kristin’s

What the heck? The last 15 days have been a whirlwind…. from packing up our apartment and trying to cram it into 1 of the 2 bedrooms so that Amy & Nathan could move into it…. flying home to MD…. driving 3 1/2 hours to VA beach…. Rob leaving early in the week so I was on my own with Robby…. drive from VA to MD… couple days at my mom’s house… flight back to UT w/o Rob… settling into Kristin’s house for the next couple weeks till our new place is ready! Whew! I’m exhausted.

Robby did so well on the flight back – he would walk up and down the aisles really slowly smiling and pausing to wave at people. Outside of the happy valley babies seem to get a lot more attention so everyone seemed pleased and not annoyed with his bothering them. We were so excited to see Rob when he picked us up at the airport!

Thank you, Kristin, for letting us live with you guys for this time! This place is like a giant playground – Robby is loving it! There’s tons of room for him to run around and lots of new toys to try out and fun big kids to play with. Heaven. Noah (almost 2 1/2) has this neat electric car that I was surprised to see Robby was able to figure out…. he looks pretty funny on it… he kept doing just little spurts…

This afternoon the kids had fun playing in the tub for almost half an hour together… whatever works!
It was so fun to see our families but we are happy to be back in Utah!!