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So the last two months of living in our new place our electricity bill has doubled… at least! We now have an electric stove instead of gas which I’m sure is a factor but wow!!!! I just was not expecting it to be so high.

On our electric company’s website, Rocky Mountain Power, they give this little illustration to show the cost to operate some typical household items….

Since getting last month’s bill I’ve been way more conscious of how much electricity I’m using…. turning all the lights off… trying to remember to turn the dvd player off! (Rob gives me a hard time cause I ALWAYS leave it on!)

Anyways, this has just been on my mind and I liked this little illustration – maybe we need to air dry our clothes…. so…. THERE YOU GO!

Kellie Pickler Concert!

Last night we went to a Kellie Pickler concert! Malea was kind enough to pass on tickets she got from work! She knew we’ve liked her ever since American Idol and saw her when she went on tour with Rascal Flatts. We took Andrew & Becca with us and together we celebrated their 9 year wedding anniversary, the day Rob left on his mission 7 years ago, and Pioneer Day! Happy July 24th!!

First I have to mention that we ate at Pei Wei off 106 south and it was so yummy! It’s basically PF Changs but cheaper, kind of cafeteria style… and to be honest, I like their version of Mongolian Beef even more!! They even have the same delicious lettuce wraps! Now we’re just wondering if the 25 minute drive is worth the price difference…. I just need another excuse to go to Sandy. Or there’s also one in Sugarhouse near Taba!

Back to the concert…

It was such a blast! We had great seats, enjoyed the opening acts – the Star of the West competition and a guy named Charley Jenkins. Charley Jenkins was a really fun performer – at one point he was running around the whole place singing Elvis songs and giving high fives and we cheered and he came and held my hand for a sec! Rob’s response was, “wait till Kellie comes out!” Ha ha ha…. Then he asked for people to come down to dance in the front and Becca really wanted to go and Andrew was not budging so I sent Rob to dance with his sister. It was so funny! See:

Kellie was so fun! She’s just so sweet and ditzy and cute! Lots of angry songs about ex boyfriends but a couple songs that brought tears to your eyes too! At one point I was cheering really loud and she waved right at me! Becca caught a picture right after that moment that I might have to post later!

This was the view from our seats w/no zooming in – we were really close!

And it looked like there was a special musical guest, Jeremy Dodge! Does this guy not look so much like him? I couldn’t get over it! Couldn’t get a great pic of him but hopefully you can tell!

And a not great picture of Kellie… but she was standing right in front of me basically!

After the concert it looked like people were waiting outside for fireworks, camping chairs and all! We stopped the car and waited… and watched… a couple of sparklers going off 20 miles away was pretty much all we saw! Hence the pitch black background in the picture!

It was a super fun date night! Since A&B have moved here we’ve done lots of hanging out and watching movies at home but it was great to get out and have that “freedom” of being without any kids! Wahoo! Thanks, Malea, for thinking of us and giving us the tickets!!!!!

Random Robby-ness

I was trying to get some things done around the house and to distract/entertain Robby I gave him this little shopping bag – I could never have imagined it would make for such a good time for him! He carried it around and went around filling it with books, then taking them out… filling it with balls… taking them out…. he was very focused and it was so cute!

this video is pretty much sideways and not awesome but it’s SHORT and kind of captured the moment!

Robby loves to hide behind our clothes in the closet whenever I’m in there getting dressed or putting clothes away. He’s great at peek a boo!

Robby hates wearing bibs! He’ll wear them for about 3/4 of the way through his “meal” before he takes it off. I know it’s partly my fault since I didn’t consistently use them much when I was the one feeding him and not making a huge mess in the process… now that he wants to feed himself they seem more… necessary? Here’s how it goes….

…notice the stern no and the camera goes off as soon as he starts emptying the contents of his bowl….

Love this face…

Rock the Reception

Has anyone watched this show, Rock the Reception? It’s new on TLC.

So one of my FAVORITE shows is So You Think You Can Dance – I haven’t blogged about it really cause I feel like everyone else does but my favorite choreographers on the show are Tabitha and Napoleon! They are a married couple and they are just too cute and their routines are the best!

And on Rock the Reception they help choreograph “first dance” routines for engaged couples to perform at their wedding reception. I think they might rotate the choreographers but last week it was Tabitha & Napoleon….

The couple they did a routine for last week was so cute! Let me recap their story: they dated for six months and then the guy went off to Iraq for a year and became closer through that experience and then he comes home, they dated for a while longer and then she got diagnosed with breast cancer! They wanted to do a crazy fun dance for their reception to shock their guests and get everyone’s minds off of her condition because they felt like people would just be focusing on that and it would be kind of a sad day…. and their dance was to Can’t Touch This and it was amazing! So hilarious! Just a great story, great show!

Stay Put bowls

I was about to buy this suction put bowl thing from Ikea but it came in a pack with one bowl, bib, and cup. Since I didn’t really want the bib and cup and what I wanted was several bowls I didn’t get it.

At Wal-Mart the other day I spotted this pack of Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowls and they are great! The suction part is permanently attached to the bowl and they even come with lids.

The goal is for Robby to learn how to self feed and while the bowls aren’t magic they are helping make less of a mess in the process!

P.S. He’s eating cottage cheese which he loves! Not much of it made it from the bowl, on the spoon, in the mouth, but that’s ok! Robby did get curious and kept trying to pull the bowl off and eventually he could do it but it was way better than a non stay put bowl!

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Ikea Trip

I mentioned that Saturday we spent all day running errands – we spent 3 hours at IKEA. We went with Andrew and Becca and had a lot of fun. The big boys played in the play area for an hour while we strolled through the showroom and then we ate lunch and then shopped some more!

Annie & Quattro were playing so cute together in their carts, listening to Rob’s phone (playing O.A.R. of course)….

Towards the end of the trip the Pincock kids were kind of falling apart so Andrew had to take control of his kids while Becca & I ran as fast as we could through the rest of the store… there’s so much to look at! And so many things you see and think, “hmm… I want that!”

Then going on “rides” while we picked out our piececs kept the kids entertained a few more minutes. Quattro HAD to be holding onto both sides of the cart even though his little arms barely spread that far. It was pretty cute.

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