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OAR Contest Part II

So while Rob was not only #1 in this contest look how much he totally crushed the competition! Like Ness said, you really must be their #1 fan!!!

Doing dishes

Robby wants to wash his hands about 18 times a day. His latest favorite is to push the bench from the kitchen table over to the sink and play in the water, making a huge mess of course…. when he’s done I give him a rag and ask him to dry it off which he kind of does – it’s very cute. When he splashed a bunch of water out of the tub the other day he saw my reaction and reached down and picked up a washcloth (wet from being IN the tub) and started trying to “dry off” the edge of the tub…. very cute and thoughtful, not so helpful…. ahh…. let’s just say this kid keeps me BUSY!

ps – I hate the fact that you have to push pause on the OAR music to watch any videos, sorry about that! I was tempted to remove the whole thing until Rob won that contest for it getting the most hits! (see below) I guess it’ll have to stay a little longer….

O.A.R. Contest

A few weeks ago O.A.R. put out a contest seeing who could get the most page impressions with their new player-hence the new music player at the top of the blog. I got an email a couple days ago saying that I had won the contest. I had completely forgotten that it was even a contest and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to help the band and that a lot of people visit our blog. Today I got a personally autographed picture in the mail as a thank you for the help with the promotion. So I want to thank all of you for listening to O.A.R.’s Shattered every time you visit our blog.

Nie Nie

Recently there was a horrible private plane crash that resulted in a couple being severly burned and in critical condition – Stephanie and her husband from Nie Nie’s Dialouges. While I do not know them personally their story has touched me and hundreds of others. We were able to attend a balloon launch to show our support last Saturday and it was so moving to see how many people were praying for this young family! She and her husband will be in the hospital for several months to come and their four children will be staying with other family members.

Fundraising for Nie Nie’s family is in full swing! Many people have posted about auction items and I just wanted to especially spread the word about Becca’s (my sister in law)! You can see her full post here.

Becca is auctioning off 6 hours of private childbirth classes! For those of you who know Becca’s experience in childbirth this is an awesome item! Check out her website

Nie Nie and her husband are in for a very long road of recovery and their family will have ridiculous medical bills to deal with for years to come….. check for updates on her sister C Jane’s blog!

Welcome the Bears to Blogging!

Hurray! My brother Joel & his wife Kristine have started a blog. Joel was known as Joelie Bear growing up so now the whole family gets to be dubbed bears…. You can check them out here.

Baby Joe & Kristine

We miss you, Babu & Dyedu!

We had a great visit from my parents recently! Now that they have 3 of their 7 kids living in Utah, or, more importantly, 7 out of 11 grandkids, we’re hoping they will come out more often! :)

My dad won Robby over by creating a game of stroller hockey – chasing balls around the church gym! Robby loved playing with my mom so much that the day after she left he went around signing grandma and saying, “Boo” for Babu! So cute!

PS – Their nicknames are short for Babushka and Dyedushka which are the Russian names for Grandma and Grandpa. Since a few of my siblings and I speak Russian we thought this would be a cute nickname for them. And it’s convenient because Babu is a lot easier to say than Grandma for a one year old.

And aren’t these cousins just so cute together? I love it! They are such good friends and it’s been so fun living near each other and getting to hang out all the time!

(Anna, Gwen, Robby, Tyler – then Quattro, Robby, Anna, Tyler, Gwen)