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Halloween Library Time

Liv and I took the kids to Provo Library for storytime today and all the kids got to wear costumes. It was SO CROWDED! The best part happened to be after storytime when they turned on some music and let kids dance in the circle. Robby had a ball dancing with Syd! See the cute video from Liv’s blog….

My adorable little lion! Do you see his cute Vans from Aunt Amy? He’s almost outgrown them! :(

These two are so cute together! Don’t you love Syd’s outfit that Liv made?

Could not get him to smile…. but he is still just so cute!

Tonight we had a church Halloween party and I forgot to take any pics of Quattro! He looked so cute – the idea was for him to be Cosmo so I found that little lion thing that he wore to the library but I had a hard time combining that with the football outfit… His football outfit tonight was way better than when we went to Wee Witches. I’ll put him in it again on Friday and take some pics.

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Fun Chicks

I am kind of shy of blogging about this but I can’t not say anything about it! Last year during our Thanksgiving celebration we had the brilliant idea to do separate girls and guys nights so we could each have a night out without bringing along all the kids. Us girls had the most hilarious time talking and laughing and devouring some chocolate fondue.

Somehow… (thanks Liz!) the idea grew into something bigger – a whole girls TRIP! Before we even realized what happened we had successfully all ended up in Mexico having an amazing weekend! Ahhh…. Thanks for all those who helped with the kids – especially Andrew who had to put Robby to bed multiple nights while Rob was at the dang Dreaded Grove!! I was so nervous to leave Quattro but knew he loved all the people that would be watching him while his daddy was working. Sounds like he did pretty well and it was definitely worth the short separation to go and have my mommy batteries recharged!

MaryAnn sent the cutest invitations out to each of us to “Party with the fun chicks!” and that was the theme of the trip. These girls really know how to have a good time! We were so happy to have Gaye along with us who has been in the family WAY longer than I have and it was fun to get to know her better. Just a FUN group of girls!

Hmm… can you tell which one is the IN-LAW?

Drove a golf cart for my first time, ate yummy meals approximately every 2 hours, swam with dolphins, read my book in peace, slept in, stayed up late….

To next years’ trip!! 😉 Or at least another kid-less night with y’all!

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Wee Witches

We’ve done so many fun Fall/Halloween activities lately I’m getting behind in blogging about them!

Gardner Village held a fun event called Wee Witches last week so I got Robby dressed up and went with Becca, Liv, and Taba and all their kiddos. It was fun to see the kids dressed up and we had a good time dancing to Thriller and other fun music – especially Robby! He could not STOP dancing it was so cute! And he was running all over the place – not so cute when there’s a huge crowd of children and I don’t want him to get lost but he had fun. It was kind of annoying because all of the activities cost money, which I guess makes sense but somehow it’s easier to pay money upfront then go run around and play instead of dishing it out along the way. We did go on a little hayride which was fun and got some halloween cookies. They do have some fun shops for the mommies to look around in which the kids had a few ounces of patience left for us to do for a few minutes.

Quattro is supposed to be a BYU football player, ps… we need some different socks and shoes but whatever….

This little guy is just such a good little buddy! How did I get so lucky??


In looking for some new field trip ideas we asked Tara, our local Utahan, if she knew of any interesting places we should visit. She suggested Kennecott Copper Mine which we’d never heard of. It turned out to be a fun time! It was kind of crazy to look down into the mine which is 2 1/2 miles wide and 3/4 mile deep! The trucks going up and down look like little toy dump trucks from where we were standing!

One of the best parts of the excursion had to be stopping by Tara’s house first and getting inspired by all the fun projects and decorating she’s done. My favorite….

Me: “where did you get this mirror?”
Tara: “Ikea.”
Becca: “Where did you get this clock?”
Tara: “Ikea.”
Me: “Where did you get ____ (you fill in the blank)?”
Tara: “Ikea.”

Ha ha! It is no surprise because Ikea does have super cute stuff at really good prices it just became a pretty funny joke by the end of the tour. Anyways, the point is Tara’s house is really cute – and if that’s not impressing you, you should see her food storage! And sorry Tara, I’m sure you are mortified that I am talking you up like this on my blog. Please let us come back! :) And thanks for the fun idea to go to Kennecott.

Any other field trip suggestions you guys have for us?

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“Playing with Daddy’s backpack is so fun!”

Until you fall down cause it’s too heavy…. and mom waits to help you up till she’s taken a picture of you suffering because it’s kind of funny…


We had a fun time visiting Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point on Friday. My father in law was in town for the day so we went with Becca and gang and also Liv & her kids. It looked like it was going to be a chilly day so while we thought we’d come prepared with sweaters we were freezing our bums off with the wind!!! I was kind of ready to leave from the moment I got out of the car but then we got to playing and it was worth staying for!!

I love it when he keeps his hat on for more than one second. I put it on him and then showed him in the mirror, “look how cute you look, Robby!! Can you leave it on so we can show Poppa?” And so he did. And then he kept it on.

They had cute little wagons to tote the kids around…. yes, we took turns wrapping them in blankets when they were shivering to death. And I love Robby playing peek a boo with these curtains…

Don’t Syd and Annie make such beautiful princesses? They had dress ups there to make scarecrow princesses – we only got to the Princess part. It was funny though.

Then he fell asleep on the way home. I love how exhausted he looks. We went to lunch later with Robert and Rob got to meet us from work.

Overall it was a good day!