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Orem City Lights

Last Monday night I went with Andrew & Becca’s family (Rob was working late) to see Orem City turn on the lights. Robby would NOT stay next to us – he wanted to run up to the people putting on the little program and dance around in front of everyone. He ran up to the front giving people high fives and he made friends with Miss Orem. After their program was over she came over saying, “I had to come meet my little friend! What a little flirt!” So we got a few pictures of him and her – he was just staring at her smiling…. ahh my little Quattro.


We didn’t wait in line for the midnight showing but thanks to Malea we had awesome seats for a Friday night 7 pm showing at Thanksgiving Point. We had Malea, lots of Liv’s family, my sis in laws Becca and Amy, Tara, Tiff, Linds, Mary…. awesome group of girls! And the audience was hilarious – everyone ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing and screaming and laughing…. it was great!

I really liked the movie! I went into it with low expectations – I’ve been so annoyed at all the previews and Bella’s voice…. “your skin is cold as ice…” ughhhhh….. but really it was better that I thought it would be! She didn’t bug me as much in the movie. And Edward was great! I thought some of the best characters were the dumb high school kids – especially Mike & Jessica. She was so believable. It was so fun! Most of all it was an awesome girls night out!

Who’s seen it? Did you like it?

Happy Thanksgiving

There is so much to be grateful for even in this crazy world that we live in. I am so grateful for my wonderful wife and son, and for great family. I’m grateful for great friends. I’m thankful for a good, secure job where I’m not worried about the economic situation. And I’m grateful for our Savior who brings happiness and meaning to life.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and has something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

24 Redemption

As I mentioned earlier, 24 Redemption was on last Sunday, a 2 hour tv special that is supposed to bridge the gap between season 6 and season 7 of 24. We’re big 24 fans so of course we set the show to record on our DVR and got ready for some action. After watching, it felt like it wasn’t complete. It felt like it was just something to get us ready for season 7–which it probably was. It was good–just felt short and not complete.

My opinion on Redemption is that they did it for 2 reasons–first, because they had extra time because of the writers strike. Rumor has it that they thought about having Jack in Africa for season 7, but scratched the idea because of cost and logistics. So now they could do a small scale show in Africa with Jack. Second, is that to tell the complete story they had to tell some things separately because of the real-time aspect of the show. That always presents several difficulties and they did this extra show to help alleviate some of those problems. Now I’m ready for the entire season 7 to just start–which it will on January 11th, 2009.

Some days you just need to go to Kmart!

Never thought THOSE words would escape my mouth.

Thank you, Liv, for introducing Quattro and I to the best $.25 activity EVER. Kmart, which is about 3 minutes from my house, has a couple of those kids rides which kids normally freak out when they see and desperately want to ride but normally it’s like $.50 and lasts 10 seconds. Well, they have this one ride that fits 3 small children, costs only a quarter, and lasts almost 2 minutes or so. And these kiddos love it!


Sometimes we just need to get out of the house, or pull our hair out…. so some days we stop by Kmart and spend a few quarters, or I get a drink at McDonalds while he plays in the play zone. Of course we also color and play with clay but it seems like he likes those things in phases….

What do YOU do these days with your small children? Maran just blogged about this and I have to tell you I was taking notes from the comments she got but could always use more ideas!

More haircuts!

As I mentioned below Rob’s mountain man beard has driven me a little crazy at times and after months of not trimming it at all he finally shaved it down and gave himself a decent haircut!



It’s not the best pic of his hair but he’s wearing a hat in pretty much every other picture! Go figure! :)

And not like I was looking much better. It’d been months since I’d gotten my hair done and those roots were looking a little frightening!



Can I tell you how excited I am that my hair is getting LONG? Hurray!

And thanks Stacy for making my hair pretty again!

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