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4 years

I came home from the gym one day…. December 18th to be specific… to find this:
“Did I pick up the house before I left this morning?” I thought to myself… then I noticed the smell of cleaning stuff…. and then saw this:

I was shocked! My first thought was, “Rob hired someone to come over here and clean and bring me flowers?” Then I saw my laptop shoved under the couch… “Oh, ROB came home from work and cleaned the house and brought me flowers?!?” Yup! Happy Anniversary to ME! I was shocked. He had come home while I was at the gym and cleaned…. I actually shed tears of joy…. :)

I don’t know what was more surprising…. the clean house or my husband coming home after work looking like THIS:

No beard!!!!!!!!!! He shaved! For me! Wow! He had kissed me goodbye when he left in the morning at the crack of dawn and I didn’t notice! I screamed out loud when I saw his face after work! Hurray!

(looks like we broke our white shirt trend… but we did go shopping at Wal-Mart again after dinner, hot date, I know!)

So Happy 4 Year Anniversary to us! Thank you, Rob, for a wonderful day full of happy surprises! You make me happy! And I love you.

PS – I’m soooo behind on posting so brace yourself….

blog background….

So I got a new blog background from Cindy’s friend Cristi! I generally don’t love layouts where the design doesn’t scroll down with the content – I think it looks a little weird how the design stays there on the sides not moving…. but these were too cute to pass up! :) And easier than changing the design myself, trying to figure out all the html…. Check ’em out!

He sings…. and talks!

Ok, so the obsession continues! NOW Robby is singing along with the fight song! So here’s a clip of Rob singing it with him – see how he chimes in! He knows even more words to the song but I think he was a little camera shy….

Rob thinks it’s hilarious when Robby repeats things he hears us say…. not always funny! Mommy needs to start watching her mouth more! Rob’s favorite, “dang it!” See:

Thanksgiving Part III

Ok this is the LAST Thanksgiving weekend post…..

Saturday we went up to Hyrum to my uncle Brigham’s house…. it was so much fun! I wish I’d taken more pictures – especially some with my parents in it!! :( Brigham and Kristie have an amazing home and really awesome kids. They have a couple of miniature horses, goats, a rabbit, cat, dog…. needless to say, Quattro had a ball!

Kristie (my aunt) said she will take the little horse and cart down to the post office, about a mile away, instead of driving. The more the horses are ridden and played with the better off they are so she was happy to let all of our kids take turns on them.

Or you could just have some cousins pull you around!

My cute cousin Rachel plays the harp beautifully! Rob was testing out his musical skills….

It was such a fun day! We had a lot of fun getting to know my uncle, aunt, and cousins better! Hope we can get together again soon!


Ever since Bronwen Grebe’s birthday party in, what?, elementary school?, I’ve been in love with Vienetta. Sadly, I was unable to find this delicious treat anywhere for years…. and then my luck turned! I found it in Mexico on our girls trip and then just the other day at Smith’s! Wahoo!!!! I was so excited! Yum!

Thanksgiving Part II

The Friday after Thanksgiving we had fun with dads home from work again! Becca and I hung out with our little ones in the morning while Rob, Andrew, and their boys went shooting. Quattro loves having Annie around! These two are so cute together.

Later that night we went to Jump On It in Lindon – a giant trampoline place… the kids had a ball! And Rob, the biggest kid of all, also enjoyed bouncing around! It would be even more fun to go when it’s less crowded because some of the big kids came close to crashing on top of Quattro a couple of times! But it was definitely a fun activity and we’ll probably do it again!