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BYU Potty

If I had $50 to spend on a little potty I would buy this one immediately!

“Flush and Cheer Varsity Potty”

It plays the BYU fight song! Can you just imagine the joy on Robby’s face?? Ahh…. he is doing pretty well asking to go on the potty and we just use one of those little cushion things that sits on the big potty so I’d rather he just uses that but this is almost cool enough to make me waste the money!

6th folder tag…

Amy tagged me….

1. Go to my pictures.
2. Go to my 6th file folder.
3. Go to my 6th picture.
4. Blog about it.
5. Tag 6 people to do the same.

Just taking pictures of my cute little guy….. nothing out of the ordinary!
and so I tag:

1. Andrea R.
2. Kristine P.
3. Cindy R.
4. Amanda E.

5. Hayley C.
6. Lisa K.

practice pictures!

Which face is cuter?

This one:

or this one?

or maybe this one??

(he was in the bath and said he needed to go potty so I sat him on the toilet and then he was cold so I put his towel around his shoulders – he said, “ooo, ree-dee warm!” he’s hilarious)

So Rob got me a nice camera for Christmas and I’ve been trying to figure out how to use it! Last night I went to a class at Allen’s that was cheap and pretty helpful! I’m really excited to learn more and get better and better…. could this face, or his pictures, get any cuter? We shall see!

Game night help….

I’m not the biggest GAME person but for some reason I planned a Game Night activity for our Branch next Tuesday…. hmm….. it just felt like the right thing at the time!

So I need some ideas! I’m looking for some simple games that are good with big groups – maybe even like 30 people…. of course we can break up into smaller groups but I’d rather do something we can all do together.

Any ideas??

Go Cougars!

Tonight we went to the BYU Basketball game. It was especially nice because it started at 6 pm instead of 8 pm – much better for bedtime! :) Robby all day long was saying, “dow (go) basball game NOWWWWWW!”

Thank you, Will, for getting the popcorn! Or, “pop-po” as Robby says. He loved it!

This is what he did when I said, “Robby, what does the cheerleader do?” Normally he holds his arms up too but that’s ok! :)

He had a blast watching the cheerleaders and Cosmo – but he was terrified if Cosmo got too close to us! They have sort of a love hate relationship I guess. He also loved the band – anytime they played he danced and when they stopped he’d sign and say, “more!” Amanda actually knows the band conductor guy from her home town and we talked to him after the game – he said he’d let Robby come up and conduct a song at the next game! That would be awesome!

We hung out for a while after the game – that’s when the party starts! They lowered the basketball hoop all the way to the ground and Robby tried to climb in it…

…he had a blast running all over the basketball court!

We were even able to see some of the players up close! Robby is so funny – the second he gets close to someone that you think he’d be happy to see (Cosmo, Bball player… santa? ok I get not wanting to be close to Santa he is a little creepy) but he freaked out when we asked Chris Miles to take a picture with us. He felt so bad! That’s ok. Robby will love looking at the picture later!

It was a great game! Oh yeah, they played CSU and we won 94 – 60. GO COUGARS!!!

Computer time….

Does this picture surprise anyone??

Most of our close friends & family know that Rob and I can often be found at home, watching a show, each of us with our laptops on our laps…. we’ve been teased quite a bit for this actually! “The new age couple!” So really, it’s no surprise Robby has learned by example….

As I said before I use YouTube to show Robby “rah rah” videos when I get sick of singing! Now he always wants to watch them! He also always knows whose computer he wants to watch them on – it differs. “Watch rah rah MOMMY’s puter!” or “Watch daddy’s puter NOWWWW!”

And we’ve found so many different BYU/Cosmo video clips…. he’ll say, “Not dis rah rah!” “Mommy, basball rah rah!” Oh… Cosmo at the basketball game, 2 little girls singing the cougar fight song, Cosmo skiing…. it goes on and on! And he sees the little picture on the sidebar of other videos and he’ll point to which ones he wants to watch…. we also watch some Signing Time songs and other stuff – but you have to be careful what you click on on YouTube! Which makes me glad he can’t use the mouse pad himself but nervous that he’s already getting used to the computer! Yikes!

This is really funny and cute but it means that anytime I want to check something on my computer I’m going to get demands to watch “rah rah” and while it seemed like a great idea before it’s getting old!! I had to sneaky check my email while he was in the bath today! Ah well! He makes me laugh….