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Steph in town

Last night we got a great group of people together at my house for dinner! Thanks for coming to town Stephanie and Rob!

We got to see these newlyweds! Rob and Cheryl….

Steph and Rob with Syd and Robby….

Lindsay decided to take one of all the couples….

And a picture of everyone named Robert! Kind of ridiculous…. Scott’s first name is Robert…. at least we have nicknames for the little boys…

Yeah for Skyview 2!

Yesss! Daddy’s home!

Rob returned yesterday evening from a back packing trip down in Southern Utah to the Paria Canyon. He left Tuesday afternoon so we’ve been missing daddy for what felt like a really long time!

I’ll make Rob do a post on his trip – it was pretty incredible – but let me just tell you a few things about what happened on my end…

First of all, I’m so paranoid I didn’t even mention on the blog that he was out of town. Didn’t really want to advertise that piece of information. I am paranoid. I usually get so scared at night while Rob’s gone – I do NOT do well home alone!

So some of the things I did to feel more “safe” were:

1. Leave almost all the lights in the house on all night long. Seriously.
2. Leave the fan off (I usually leave it on for the white noise) so that I could hear every sound in the house.
3. Crank up the a/c. I’m too scared to leave my feet/body uncovered at night so last time he was gone I just was awake sweating under my covers all night!
4. Not take any naps whatsoever during the day so I’d be so exhausted at night I’d hopefully fall asleep quickly and not wake up too much.
5. Of course lots of prayers!!!

Ahh….. it went MUCH better than other times I’ve been alone at night.

And if someone had tried to come in they’d be sorry – the last safety item on the list was sleeping with Rob’s 9 by the bed, with a round in the chamber. And yes I know how to use it.

Although just considering the situation that would even necessitate a gun freaks me out and therefore the gun doesn’t make me feel all the much safer but it was nice to know it was there. I heard Rob’s Aunt slept with a butcher knife under her pillow when her husband was gone…. hmm…. stab an intruder to death or hopefully scare someone away from a distance with a loaded gun…. yeah…. anyways!

I’m just so glad he’s back and I can go back to waking up to him snoring instead of a suspicious noise in the house! :)

And I’m so glad we cut his hair and beard this morning too! Ugh! Look at the improvement! :)


Why am I so boring lately? I have nothing to blog about…

what’s happened lately….

Quattro climbed out his crib for the first time ever on Tuesday – AHHH! He scared the crap out of me – I had put him to bed and was watching a show and I hear this, “clunk clunk”…. and so I went in the hallway to investigate and sure enough Robby OPENS his door…. ahhh! He looked pretty scared like, “what did I just do?” And the first thing he said was, “My want my daddy!!!” (Rob wasn’t home that night) So I just held him for a few minutes then was putting him back in his crib (I didn’t really want to react to his getting out of the crib, didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, give it too much attention, you know?) and he says, “Mommy, me got down!” I just said, “I know you did but it’s bed time so we need to lay down and stay in our crib, huh?” He said, “Hus.” (Yes)

The next day he demonstrated how he did it, he was pulling himself up onto his dresser which was next to his crib… so I just pushed the crib farther away from the dresser and he hasn’t done it again since. But I’m sure he’ll figure out how to do it without the dresser some time soon but ugh I hope not! I just am not ready for him to be in a toddler bed or to have the “freedom” to get in and out on his own! I’ve looked into those crib tent things but they are like $60 and I don’t have the money for that right now. But if it comes down to giving up naptime or shelling out $60 I might just have to shell out the money!!

Look how happy this kid looks to be trapped inside his crib! Awesome, huh? :)

Robby’s such a crazy kid! He’s talking so much more every day… just becoming such a little boy! In the car I was playing a kids cd for him and he kept telling me which song he wanted, “Moon song, mom!” “Twinkle twinkle, mom!” And he’d say, “me can’t hear it!” when he wanted me to turn it up… He says “me” or “my” instead of I.

He can’t really sing the whole alphabet song but he’ll yell out as we drive down the road, “E for Mommy!” (Esther) or “Look! W for Will!” He can recognize a good handful of letters and it’s just so fun to hear him call them out when he sees them! And it’s so cute how he can’t say V, he says “Bv for Bvanessa!”

We had a fun day with Tara and Darci last week – we went to a fun park but the best part for these kiddos was the flooded sidewalk! They spent at least half an hour just running back and forth through the water!

I was grateful it was one of those days I actually was prepared and had a change of clothes in the car for him! Which we desperately needed after this!!

He’s been going around singing, “Happy Birthday to Robby…. Happy Birthday to Robby….” over and over… I’ve got to get that on tape cause it’s hilarious. And he can sing along pretty well to I’m A Child of God and I Love to See the Temple – those are the two songs he always wants me to sing at night. Then he asks me to sing, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!” Um?? I’m not sure what song he’s referring to so I sing a bunch of random stuff counting to 10….

Poppa (my father in law, Robert) was in town today and so everyone came over for lunch to our house which was so fun and Robby had a great time playing with Grandma Parsons! (Robert’s mom) They were playing in his room and I went in to check on them and he basically pushed me out of the room! “No, mom, go out dere!” Okaaaay. And then Poppa came over to read Robby a bedtime story and help put him to bed and he was soooo excited. “One more time, Poppa!” over and over and over again after each story! And when we put him down he was saying, “Poppa don’t go! No Poppa go!” Ahhh…. it’s good he likes his family.

(reading books w/Poppa at Christmas time)

Last one…. tonight when we were saying his prayers before bed he was repeating after me…

Mom: “And please bless Daddy…”
Robby: “Bwes Daddy”
Mom: “And…..”
Robby: “and Gwandma Hazel!”
Mom: “And….”
Robby: “and Gwandma Hill…”

It was so cute! I love that he’s catching on and learning so many things! This really is such an amazing age!!!

Sorry for all the random thoughts…. this is really my only journal source! Gotta put this stuff down somewhere!

ok heads up…

So, for those dying to see us in another parade here’s your chance!! (ha ha)

This Saturday @ 10 am
Strawberry Days Parade in Pleasant Grove
go here for more details…

looks like there’s also a rodeo going on there this weekend… ooo….

It’s kind of fun that APX is a part of these parades – I know Robby will be excited to ride in the wagon again!

Summerfest parade

Saturday was the Orem Summerfest and we walked in the parade with a bunch of other APX people!

We were waiting in line for our turn to go in the parade and the band was going past us and Robby started freaking out – he was so excited! He was saying, “mommy! Look! Band! Look! Band! Flag!” I started video taping – here he’s mostly just in awe watching them go by and kind of dancing along…. he also was singing the cougar fight song as the passed – guess he still associates “band” with BYU games…

Robby and Hadley (Rachel Marshal’s daughter) sat in this wagon (thanks Kristin!) and just had a ball the whole time! They were waving at people and Rob would pull Robby up to people and he wanted to hand out the water bottles… it was so cute!

Just as we were finishing the parade route the rain starting coming down! Tara and I took the kiddos to Hogi Yogi for shelter (and ice cream :) ) while we waited for the others to get our cars, left at the beginning of the route… then we waited around for the fireworks… Robby was a champ – it was 10 pm and he was still ready to play!

Until the fireworks actually started… then he was pretty nervous! But he calmed down and enjoyed most of it! :)

Just hanging out in Tara & Jeremy’s truck watching the show!

It was a fun, exhausting day! (remember we hiked the Y that morning! didn’t plan that out too well!)

Borrowing a baby….

Last night I had the opportunity to hang out with this little doll of a girl….

How cute is she???

It reminded me of the mommy & me photo shoots Robby and I used to do…. like this one.

Thanks, Amy & Nathan, for letting me watch Kate last night! It was wonderful to hold her and sing her to almost sleep on my chest… just nice to be around such a sweet little spirit like Kate!

Reminds me how much I want a baby… which we are working on…. I’ve gone through 2 cycles w/o seeming to ovulate which is very strange for me…. but I guess my body is just trying to get back to normal… hopefully soon…

so thank you for the baby love!