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Childbirth Class

Attention anyone who’s pregnant or if you know someone pregnant:

My awesome sister in law Becca is teaching another round of Childbirth Classes starting this Friday April 30th in Orem! She has a few spaces left in her class. The fee is $150/couple which is a great price! Her class covers a ton of important information to help you make informed decisions and learn great comfort measures for labor and more! She is an amazing teacher.

I was lucky enough to be at 2 of Becca’s births (Robby & Luke) and I tell you what, this woman knows her stuff! I have learned so much from her example and seriously go to her constantly with questions – about everything!

Check out her website! And if now isn’t a good time send her an email and see when her next set of classes might be…

There is so much to learn when it comes to pregnancy/giving birth…. I would recommend to people who are pregnant to take a class as SOON as possible so you can learn more about your options and make sure you find the right caregivers for you.

And this just happens to be one of my favorite topics and I’m just excited about it in general! So spread the word about Becca’s class!

Family Pictures

Saturday we were able to get some family pictures taken by Susan Monson! We went over to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon and had a lot of fun! And Susan got some great pictures!

I love getting family pictures taken because I’m always the one TAKING the pictures – it’s fun to be in them! :) And I just love having great pictures to look back at – I’ve looked at these pictures over and over already!

Check out Susan’s blog and email her to book a session! She is great and only charging $40 right now!!!! Seriously! That includes the photo shoot and a cd with some edited images & the rights to them! So great!

Robby turned 3

April 2nd, 2010

All week we had been counting down the days till his birthday on our fingers… “Today is Monday, then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then you wake up Friday and it’s your birthday!” He kept asking me, “say it all again!”

Rob wanted to see him in the morning so we woke him up before he had to go to work. The first thing Robby said when he woke up was, “Am I 3????!!!! Am I 3!!!???” He was SO excited!

He wanted to open something right away (and we had spoiled him beyond belief so we had some extra gifts) – he opened new diving sticks and was like, “AHHHH!” We asked him, “do you know what those are?” Robby: “No… (with an excited face)” ha ha…. when we explained he was ready to go swimming! So he took a bath…

Then when mommy was spending the morning trying to frost cupcakes (what was I thinking? Definitely doing a cake next time….) we got a visit from Tristan! One of Robby’s favorite people! So Robby played with Tristan and the neat Moon Sand stuff she gave him…

…till it was time to go to his party! We had it at Rob’s work…

*thanks to Liv for the awesome Robby Football player image! 😉
Which Robby said to me after looking at his invitation… “Mom, I want to be a football player now!”
Me: You are a football player. You play football with Daddy…
Robby: No I want to be a grown up now.
oh no! Oh Robby! You don’t know how good you’ve got it!

Robby was not really in the mood for pictures… but we took them anyway…

And COSMO was nice enough to make an appearance at the party too! He and Robby are just such good friends…

And we didn’t even get one good (Robby smiling) picture with him – we didn’t warn Robby he was coming because up until the last minute we weren’t sure if it was going to happen or not. So every time he said, “I want Dosmo to come to my party!” We would remind him that Cosmo is very busy and might not be able to come. Then we heard Cosmo was on his way, so we turned on the BYU fight song, and Cosmo burst into the room and you should’ve seen Robby! Oh man! Like a little monkey he climbed up into my arms. He was so surprised… he was definitely happy Cosmo was there but he was SO SCARED and didn’t want Cosmo to come close enough to touch him. Cosmo even brought him a t-shirt. The minute Cosmo left Robby asked to put the tshirt on and if you ask him now what his favorite part of his party was he’ll say without hesitation, “Cosmo.”

Robby wearing his new Cosmo shirt, so excited to blow out his birthday candle on the cupcake.

He didn’t even bother making a wish… pretty sure all his wildest dreams had already come true that day…

Our little family….

Robby opened gifts and was so excited about everything he got! And this kid was so spoiled! We’re so grateful for the wonderful friends and family we have! He got lots of new playmobil sets to try out – we’re venturing into a new era here! And of course ridiculously way too cute and crafty gifts from Liv….

Yeah. It’s awesome.

Robby is so lucky and has so many awesome new things to play with! They busted open all the toys at the party and we played and hung out, eating pizza and treats…

Then I took Robby home and made him take a nap so we could hang out with Rob when he was done with work. We went to Cabela’s and looked at the animals and walked around… one of Robby’s favorite activities!

Followed by a late dinner at McDonald’s in Lehi with the playplace….

Happy Birthday Robby! We love you, as you say, “ho ho ho hooooooo” much!