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So it’s no secret I like to drink diet coke… I might be a little ashamed at the amount I drink and the fact it’s such a part of my routine…. BUT! It’s the truth and you guys know I like to keep things real! So when Liv blogged about the joys of Maverik I thought I would take a chance to also spotlight another beverage location that I love. :)

HOLIDAY. The one on 1600 North & 1200 West in Orem.

SOOOO many drink options! Cubed or pebble ice….

And one of my favorite things… look at all the straw choices! My favorite is the tall skinny straw! Also they have fresh sliced lemons and limes to add to your drinks…

So great. And this location is also complete with a redbox (Maverik is too).

Refills up to 44 oz are .$89… great price…