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Happy 5th Birthday Robby!

Happy 5th Birthday Robby!

Wow, I am a terrible blogger! There are so many things I wish I were documenting right now but it’s all I can do to try to get a decent amount of sleep, take care of these two darling kids, keep up with the laundry, and keep the house somewhat clean… oh well! We did have a major event that needs to be noted so I’ll try to just not use so many words and get this done quick!

My mom was in town so we had a party the Saturday before his birthday so she could be there. We had pizza and Ben made the most delicious Tres Leches cake – YUM!

On his actual birthday we had a “basketball party” as requested – which consisted of playing basketball with cousins at the rec center and then having a little picnic lunch at the park across the street from there. It would have been lovely except for the AWFUL WIND that was blowing! We were all freezing! But we were grateful to the friends and family who were able to come! He got a bike which was super exciting.

Then we went home and watched a movie and snuggled up with his Cosmo Pillow Pet he got for his birthday. He LOVED it!

For dinner that night we took him to Texas Roadhouse – I’d signed him up for the birthday club so we got a coupon for a free kids meal there so that’s how I convinced Rob that we should go there! It was really fun and while he looked terrified when they put him on the birthday saddle he was thrilled after the fact. :)

We are so grateful for our little Robby! He is hilarious and so sweet! We love you, Robby!!!!