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Muppet face…

Muppet face…

Sarah is just like a little girl version of Robby! I don’t have Robby’s baby baby pics on this computer so his pics are a little older but I think they still show how similar they look! Lindsay says she has the same “muppet face” that Robby does… I don’t know how to explain it but I know what she means…



Today we wanted to have some FUN! We woke up to a cloudy day but we figured we’d be the only idiots at Seven Peaks so we called to make sure they’d be open which they said they would be unless there was lightning and headed on down. On our way it started to rain a little but no worries we figured it’d make for short slide lines… we got to the park and unloaded and started to walk in when we were stopped and told the park was CLOSED. Even though there was no lightning. Grr… they did give us a few vouchers for food since we were not too happy about them closing when they told us they wouldn’t… Strike 1.

We had some free tickets to BYU baseball games and today was the last one so we decided to head over to the stadium for the game… it was barely drizzling… we got there and got some seats in the covered area… but then the rain came down harder and harder… the game was delayed and after sitting in the rain and moving up higher for better cover for like 30 minutes we decided to abort that adventure. Strike 2.

We went to an old Provo favorite of ours, Burgers Supreme, and had lunch which was fun! :)

Then we headed home and Rob and Robby went out and swam in the hot tub at our apartment – fun, again! Sarah and I took a little nap on my bed – my idea of fun. :)

The yucky weather and kind of long day made us tired so we just cuddled up in our bed and watched a show which ended up being pretty fun too!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope all you ladies had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

I can’t believe I’m a mom to 2 KIDS! It’s still such a miracle to me to have this sweet little baby girl in our family! Today in church someone who spoke talked about how Heavenly Father must have such a great amount of trust in us to send these little spirits to our home – I feel so grateful to be entrusted with two of the sweetest little children.
And let’s just talk about how cute these two are together with their blue eyes! Love it!

And my instagram collage from the day…

Check ups

Check ups

Yesterday I took Robby and Sarah in for their well child check ups!

Sarah at 2 months:
weight 13 lbs 1 oz – 95%
length 22 in – 50%
head 14.5 in – 10%

So she’s quite the chunker!!! So the fact she spits up a ton doesn’t seem to be worrying anybody since she is, as Dr. Savage put it, “gaining weight beautifully.” :)

Robby at 5 years:
weight 45 lbs 6 oz – 75%
length 46 in – 95%

We keep hoping Robby has gotten his height from my side of the family and one day he’ll be taller than both of us! Looks like he’s headed in the right direction!

These two little buddies are so cute together! I wanted to capture some of Sarah’s chubby rolls so we could remember them and of course Robby needs to jump into the photo shoot! :) He loves his little sister so much!

Blessing baby Sarah

Blessing baby Sarah


We were able to bless Sarah today in our ward. What a special day for our family! We were grateful for all of the family and friends who were able to come and be with us.

After the years we spent trying, waiting, praying, hoping, wanting… finally we have our sweet little miracle baby! She is the sweetest little baby and we are so in love with her. Rob did a wonderful job on her blessing and we know she is such a special part of our family.



Four generations of Robert Ernest Parsons'!!!!

Girls at lunch after...




I’m a horrible blogger… but I love capturing all the wonderful little moments of the day with my phone and using Instagram to make them look cute!!!

So here’s what we’ve been up to…

Since I don’t really feel like going many places we often just go to the Orem Rec Center and Robby runs around and shoots hoops while Sarah hangs out in the ring sling or nurses…

Tonight Rob came home from work early ish and we went and had fun at Trafalga (we have the pass of all passes)… then we ate at Cafe Paesan which was yummy. Robby was so sweet – we sat down with our food and Rob and I started eating and Robby said, “should we bless the food??” I was proud of him. :)

Just playing with our beautiful little baby! Robby LOVES Sarah!!!

Sarah is getting so strong!!!! She lifts her head up so high…

Robby wants to pick out Sarah’s outfits every morning and her jammies every night! The other day he picked out this little Apx shirt for her and then ran to go get his own Apx shirt on so they could match! It was so sweet. It’s weird it’s been a year since Rob stopped working there. We are super proud of Trafficado and are glad he made the switch! :)

Robby was so excited to be 5 and one thing he was most excited about was being able to get his own library card! We like to go to story time and check out books about once a week. Now he can use his own card!Sarah is such an amazing baby! She has been doing a good long chunk at night usually like 5 hours but last night she slept for 9 hours straight!! It was crazy! And wonderful. Not expecting her to do it again but it was a nice present. This morning I woke up and used that extra energy to clean my house and finally mop the kitchen! Now I’m sufficiently tired again… ha! During the day she is not as good of a sleeper – she only sleeps for like 30 min at a time then wakes up and I can get her back to sleep but I feel like I just spend so much time during the day putting her back to sleep… and not really able to just lay her down and get something done or take a nap myself… but how can I complain when she sleeps so good at night? And she’s just such a sweet little girl she can do no wrong really! :)