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Daddy’s crazy

Daddy’s crazy

Tonight Robby and I were talking about how someone we knew had been married a couple of times – led to this conversation:

Robby: “Have you been married a couple of times before, mom?”

Me, trying not to laugh, “No honey, I’ve just been married to daddy. And I love daddy and want to be married to daddy forever!”

Robby: “Even though daddy’s crazy??”

Ok, couldn’t hold back – burst out laughing!!! Oooohhh man! Yes, Rob can be crazy but I do love him. And I sure love these cute kids we have.

phone pics dump…

phone pics dump…

I just realized I never blogged about our time back in Maryland! Here’s what we’ve been up to since we got back from a month in MD and hopefully I’ll get around to posting about our time there soon!

6 months

6 months

Can’t believe Sarah is 6 months old! (and has been for a week)

Sarah is such a strong little baby! She loves sitting up, standing up, and can now roll over both ways easily. I set her down in one spot and if I leave and come back a few minutes later she’s halfway across the room… we need to baby proof this place a bit more before she starts crawling!

Sarah has the best laugh – a deep, hearty giggle. Most often this comes out in response to something Robby does… really anything Robby does. She is IN LOVE with her brother. And he is IN LOVE with her. It melts my heart.

(laughing at something Robby did)

Sarah is my little milk monster. She loves to nurse – I can’t even hold her on my lap hardly without her diving to the side. When I try to read her a book before nap or bed I have to hold her standing up on my hip while I read or else she’s just too impatient wanting to nurse! Now that we’ve cut out night feedings – most of them most nights at least – I’m trying to keep my milk supply up so I’m just nursing her during the day more often but I think she would spend most of her awake time nursing if I let her.

Sarah is such a beautiful baby. I love her soft little baby skin, her fuzzy hair, her squishy cheeks, chubby legs… she is just YUMMY.

After 6 months I’m finally starting to get a little more sleep at night, Sarah’s taking a little more regular naps, life is kind of settling in. It’s good timing since we’ve decided to homeschool Robby and so we’re having fun this fall doing kindergarten together. I’m grateful I can be home with my cute kids!

Still so amazed and grateful that we got pregnant, had a baby, a baby GIRL even, and she is just such a joy to have in our home. Excited to watch her and Robby grow up together!