Freeze, please!

Freeze, please!

I just wish we could freeze time right now – Sarah is at the cutest stage right now! She’s rolling and sitting herself up and even crawling! I was excited for her to turn 4 months, 5 months, even 6 months! But 7 months?? No thank you! This means she’s closer to 1 than to being a baby! It’s October and soon it’ll be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas – before I know it March will be here! Just thinking of her growing up so fast gives me a big lump in my throat!

She’s got the cutest laugh! She’s so soft and squeezy and yummy! She’s got all of us wrapped around her little chubby fingers!

She loves peek-a-boo, itsy bitsy spider… she loves anything Robby does – even when he jumps out and scares her! She does NOT like to be left alone – she’ll play for a few minutes by herself but is much happier when we’re near by.

Like I said on instagram the other day – every morning Robby and Sarah reunite like best friends who haven’t seen each other in years! It’s so sweet! They LOVE each other!

She’s been trying out her voice and making lots of “ma ma” sounds! Sooo cute! It’s so sweet to see her see me and reach out and crawl over to me. She’s so wiggly and rolly it’s hard to change her diaper or get her dressed!

At her 6 month dr apt she was making it hard for Dr. Savage to examine her but as Dr. Savage said, “we like the fiesty ones!” She weighed 16.1 lbs so she’s slipped down to the 45th percentile which is a normal for breast fed babies to kind of lean out at this point (she was like 90th percentile). She’s 70th for height…

We just love this little girl sooo much!!!


  1. OH.MY. Cutest pics ever! I agree- freeze time. It’s going too fast!

  2. Love her round, rosey cheeks! munch munch! :)

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