Oh wait, do I still have a blog??

Oh wait, do I still have a blog??

Apparently I do! Ha! Last post appears to be in NOVEMBER! Oh well, if I get thinking about everything I miss and try to catch up that will just mean I will NEVER post because that’s too daunting of a task so I’ll just try to jump back into it….

Spring time is here (well, some days feel like spring and then it feels like winter again) and life is good. Sarah is huge and so darling and Robby is looking so grown up! Spring soccer has been really fun for the whole family even if the weather most of the time is freezing!! Since we homeschool I was really excited for Robby to be in soccer to have something to keep him busy and get us more out of the house after the long cold winter. It’s a great opportunity for him to get to know some other kids and also fun for him to have a coach or someone in charge besides MOM.

Robby looks forwards to his twice a week practices and the games once or twice a week like it’s the best thing ever! He isn’t even that into soccer the sport exactly he just loves being on a team! It does help that he is super naturally talented like his dad when it comes to sports so while he still prefers to play football with dad every day he rocks it out there on the soccer field, usually scoring tons of goals for his team!

Sarah likes to watch but mostly wants to just join the action on the soccer field! It’s hard keeping her off of the field!

Rob has been asked to help coach for lots of the games since they split the team into two so the kids have more playing time and we only have one coach. Despite his reluctance to help as coach I think he does a great job! Once he kind of learned most of the kids names that helps too! 😉

And while it is kind of crazy to me that I am a “soccer mom” I love to be there and cheer for Robby and his team and usually lose my voice every week from all the yelling I’m doing. For once Rob is embarrassed of me! Ha!

Now that soccer is done Robby is a little bored but not for long – he starts Coach Pitch at the end of this month!


  1. Love these pictures of him!

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