phone pics dump…

phone pics dump…

I just realized I never blogged about our time back in Maryland! Here’s what we’ve been up to since we got back from a month in MD and hopefully I’ll get around to posting about our time there soon!

6 months

6 months

Can’t believe Sarah is 6 months old! (and has been for a week)

Sarah is such a strong little baby! She loves sitting up, standing up, and can now roll over both ways easily. I set her down in one spot and if I leave and come back a few minutes later she’s halfway across the room… we need to baby proof this place a bit more before she starts crawling!

Sarah has the best laugh – a deep, hearty giggle. Most often this comes out in response to something Robby does… really anything Robby does. She is IN LOVE with her brother. And he is IN LOVE with her. It melts my heart.

(laughing at something Robby did)

Sarah is my little milk monster. She loves to nurse – I can’t even hold her on my lap hardly without her diving to the side. When I try to read her a book before nap or bed I have to hold her standing up on my hip while I read or else she’s just too impatient wanting to nurse! Now that we’ve cut out night feedings – most of them most nights at least – I’m trying to keep my milk supply up so I’m just nursing her during the day more often but I think she would spend most of her awake time nursing if I let her.

Sarah is such a beautiful baby. I love her soft little baby skin, her fuzzy hair, her squishy cheeks, chubby legs… she is just YUMMY.

After 6 months I’m finally starting to get a little more sleep at night, Sarah’s taking a little more regular naps, life is kind of settling in. It’s good timing since we’ve decided to homeschool Robby and so we’re having fun this fall doing kindergarten together. I’m grateful I can be home with my cute kids!

Still so amazed and grateful that we got pregnant, had a baby, a baby GIRL even, and she is just such a joy to have in our home. Excited to watch her and Robby grow up together!

How does this work?

How does this work?


Trying to figure out blogging from my phone!

Family Pictures

Family Pictures

I’ve been trying to write a blog post for a month! Maybe I’ll finish that one at some point but for now here’s some of our latest family pictures!

Pincock Family reunion – we had the lovely Susan Monson come and take our family pictures. This was the first time in years we had all 7 children with all of their spouses and children in the same place! I think we make quite the impressive group! There are now 17 grandchildren!

Some snapshots we took with my camera the other day during our Parsons Family photo shoot — the real pictures from the photographer will probably look lots better! Hopefully! 😉

Sarah and Amy’s new baby, Madelyn

3 months

3 months

I can’t believe our little baby is already 3 months!!!! (on June 6th) It’s amazing how much she’s grown and how much we love her!!!

Robby for the first time the other day said something negative about Sarah… he was really tired and wanted to play on the computer for rest time but Sarah’s crib is in the office where he would do that and I said, “sorry, Sarah needs to take a nap…” and he said “sometimes it’s hard having Sarah…” I told him I agreed – it’s hard for mom getting up in the night and having lots of extra work that I’m not used to and it was ok to feel that way. Opposition in all things, right? It doesn’t mean we love her any less, there are just some tough things about having a new baby!

For the most part Robby is IN LOVE with his little sister and has been a huge help! He loves to pick our her outfits, headbands, jammies… he entertains her while I make breakfast and smothers her with kisses. He throws away diapers and brings me burp cloths. He is just a great big brother!

Sarah at 3 months… she’s been sleeping pretty well at night for a while! She goes down around 8, then I get her up and do a “dream feed” at like 11 ish, then she wakes up to eat around 5, and on good days goes back to sleep til like 8 but often between 5-8 she wakes up a few times and I have to put her binky in or something… During the day she eats about every 3 hours and her naps used to be really choppy where she’d wake up after 30 or 40 min and I felt like I was spending most of the day getting her back to sleep – just recently she’s been sleeping like an hour or even longer and I’m hoping this lasts! :)

(the red mark is from her headband!)

I love how when she’s falling asleep she likes the blankie up by her face and she rubs the back of her head – so cute!!!!

She’s just started making this adorable little happy laughing sound! It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Tonight Rob and I went on a date and left her with Andrew & Becca – first time ever leaving the little miss! She did great and they even got her to drink out of a bottle – another first! I’ve just never had any reason to need to give her a bottle yet but was curious if she would and it’d be nice if she can if I ever have to go somewhere! Glad we have great family close by to help out so we could go out without worrying! :)

We are just so in love and so happy with our little girl!

And it took forever to narrow down to these pics – if anyone wants to see tons more you can see the web album here



We signed Robby up for T-ball and he has been super excited about it!

His first practice was “amazing” and “the best day of his life.”

Today was his first game and he looked so happy after his game today – like he was going to burst with excitement! He loved being part of a team – “we did a cheer and got to high five the other team!” As he ran up to me with his capri sun and treat I knelt down so I could just see his sweet excited face and give him a big hug! I could feel his heart pounding and I wanted to cry it made me so happy! I love that little guy so much!

With his team hat and shirt on!

Ready to play!

Up to bat!

Running to home!