we are still shocked…

we are still shocked…

We’re gonna have a baby this February!

After the many years we spent hoping, trying, praying for a sibling for Robby we have just been spending the last 16 months being so grateful for the jackpot we got in little Sarah that having another baby wasn’t even on our radar…. well, we were asked all the time if we’d do IVF again and we had talked about possibly using our last little frozen egg from Sarah’s cycle NEXT summer if we could – honestly though after using our best 2 eggs in that cycle and getting only one baby the idea of using a third tier egg wasn’t very promising so I was pretty resigned to the fact that we would only have 2 kids and that was ok.

Sooooo….. what a surprising memorial day surprise we got! That’s the first time I’ve ever taken a pregnancy test and it was positive right away! Ha! And it’s amazing how much faster the weeks of a pregnancy go by when you didn’t even have time to think about getting pregnant! And when you’re chasing after a crazy little toddler like Sarah! Holy cow, that girl keeps me busy! She’s been on the go ever since she was born and now I’m wondering if it’s cause she knew she was meant to be a big sister early on! Well, early on to ME. After only having a 5year gap in kids a 23 month one will seem pretty short even though that’s longer than any of me and my 6 siblings gaps!

Robby is stoked – he had been talking about wanting to start praying for another baby for a while now but every time he brought it up I just reminded him we are still just grateful we got Sarah and weren’t sure if any more babies would come. He didn’t seem as surprised and he’s rooting for a brother but the idea of Robby and “the little girls” seems pretty cute to me! Also, after holding on to his boy clothes for 5 years and then having a girl I figured what was the point and got rid of pretty much everything! Soooo, a girl would be super convenient!

To answer the usual questions, I’m 13 weeks now, I’m feeling fine, yes, we’re planning on another home birth, and no, we’re not sure if we’re gonna find out the gender this time. Having one of each makes me consider not finding out, I’ve always thought it would be fun but that I wouldn’t be able to do it but since I didn’t even have time to think about getting pregnant than I might actually be able to wait til the end of the pregnancy to find out! I guess we’ll see how I feel at 20 weeks!

We are so excited and beyond grateful – especially when I got to hear the little heartbeat! Can’t believe it’s really real! Everyone was so sweet and supportive on our journey to get Sarah and the reactions of family and friends we’ve told so far has been so kind and excited for us – this is such fun news to share!

Now we’re off to Maryland til after Labor Day! Wish me luck as I try to finish packing for a month…



  1. Courtney Page says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m so excited for you! We think about your family and your baby journey often:) So happy for you!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! What wonderful news. So happy for you and Rob and your cute kiddos!

  3. Esther! That’s such wonderful news! Congratulations!

  4. Best news ever! So excited for you cuz!

  5. Lisa Kearn says:

    That is such great news! So happy for you guys. :)

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